The 6 Best Health Gifts for Dad in 2021

Healthy Father's Day Gifts

If it hasn't been clear until now: health is important. 

Whether you're trying to decide between ordering that burger or making yourself a spinach omelet, going to the gym or watching another episode of Lucifer, or getting a vaccine...or not, the health craze is all the rage. But for some reason, people seem to have a weird disconnect when it comes to gifts. No one in popular culture ever brings up the idea of showing your love through some healthy gift-giving. Why can't we go for a run on our birthdays or set up a homemade salad bar for our anniversaries? 

As a matter of fact, as our grandparents always say, health is the greatest gift!

When it comes to getting gifts for Dad this Fathers' Day, consider some of these health-focused presents to change the game up a bit:


1. Fitbit Monitor 

Dads get the stereotypes of having weird hobbies, and there’s a reason for it. But this is cool, trust us. Fitbits are essentially heart rate monitors and can be used in stationary and active situations. Most have multiple features, counting steps for example, and can be great for making people more aware of their own health. Also, depending on the one you get, your Dad will be able to connect it to an app on his smartphone that monitors other aspects of his health and can give reports on his sleep and diet. Tip: Add his own reusable water bottle to go along with the watch and ensure he gets his daily water intake as well.

 2. eTherm

Early days of parenting can be tough. Kids run around with boundless energy only to get floored when they get sick or have a fever. It's every parent's nightmare to deal with a sick kid when you can't find the medicine or thermometer in the cabinet. So, get your Dad the eTherm, a high-tech forehead and ear thermometer designed to measure body temperature by absorbing infrared energy from the forehead and ear canal. The eTherm is easy to use and will help Dad manage the health of everyone in the family, including his own. Tip: The eTherm is on a Father’s Day sale! Get 20% off the eTherm with coupon code ETHERM20 by the 20th of June 2021!


3. Granola Bar Maker

Is Dad the nature type? Or maybe he’s just the snacking type? Then he probably knows a thing or two about granola bars. Whether you like dried fruit, nuts, oats, or other grains, granola bars can be a great source of protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates, which are all good for Dads. Help him spice up his snack with his own granola bars made by him. Not only will he save money at the grocery store, but there is no unneeded plastic packaging, and it makes for a cool experience that you and your Dad can enjoy together. Tip: Add an assortment of his favorite nuts and dried fruits for him to get started.


4. A Picnic in Nature

Perhaps just want to enjoy an experience with your Dad. Besides, maybe he’s the type who will just put whatever you get him in the shed and forget about it. So, take your Dad for an unforgettable family picnic in nature. If you know his favorite spot, then take him there by surprise, maybe even include a light hike, and if you don't know it, well, then ask your Mom. Either way, a nice family picnic is sure to put a smile on his face, not to mention all the healthy food you can bring and fresh air is always good for the heart and soul.


 5. eCheck 

If your Dad has asthma, COPD, or diabetes, the Elepho eCheck pulse oximeter could come in handy. Using a sensor, it measures a person's pulse and checks how much oxygen can be found in there. For Dads who often spend hours at doctors or clinics to get this work done, it can save precious time and money. eCheck is easily portable and simple to use, just clipping the device to your finger and pressing a button to view your results. 


6. TRX with Training Manual

If your Dad is active, then he’ll love this, if he doesn’t have it already. And if not, then help get your Dad back into the shape he was at 25 with a TRX set. They are compact and easy to store; no weight set or complex set-up manual. To use them, all he has to do is find a stable place in the house to attach them to that supports his weight. No need to go to the gym or go on a run for a powerful workout. Just hang the straps and get to work. Tip: Invest in some personal training lessons or an online course for him too so he learns proper technique and avoids any injury.


We hope this gave you some creative ideas to make sure your Dad stays healthy this Father's Day. Trust us, your Dad will appreciate them!

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