Best Wellness Products for the Summer

Best Wellness Products for the Summer

In the heat of August,  it’s important to keep both cool and sane! While many parents are absorbing those warm rays and summer breezes, many others are beginning to feel worn out, especially new parents. Check out these products that can help you keep your baby safe and parents cool and comfortable through the rest of summer and fall:

  1. Baby Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important to maintain skin health, prevent painful burns, dry skin and many other long term effects from sun exposure.  A good sunscreen will protect your baby’s skin while still ensuring they get the vitamin D they need. Check out Healthline’s list of top baby sunscreens

  1. eClip

The summer months are extremely hot, especially in cars. With Elepho’s eClip and the connected app, you will know if the car is too hot for your baby, notifying you to lower the temperature in the car. The eClip will also notify you if you step more than a few meters away from the car while your baby is inside. This device is just as important as a fence around a swimming pool, ensuring beyond any shadow of a doubt that your baby will be safe wherever you go.  


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  1. Mist n Sip Water Bottle

It is always important to stay hydrated, especially in the warmer months. With a water bottle that doubles as a mist spray you are guaranteed to keep cool while spending time outdoors. The light mist will refresh and rejuvenate your whole family. You can stay cool and be reminded to keep hydrated throughout the day with this unique water bottle

  1. Car Window Shades

Car window shades are another way to protect your baby from the sun, heat, and dangerous UV rays. Placing shades on the windows will protect your baby’s eyes from the bright sunlight and help prevent the car from overheating. Here are some of the best window shades you can find. 

  1. eFloat

During the hot summer months, even babies who hate being bathed are happy for the calming, cleansing and cooling experience of being bathed. The eFloat reads the temperature of the bath water and will alert you if it is too hot or cold for your baby. Additionally the eFloat is a fun bath toy for your baby to stay entertained during bath time. 


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  1. Cooling Neck Gaiter

There are always moments throughout the summer where you wish you could live in a cold shower. This cooling neck gaiter can also be used as a mask or bandana. Soak the gaiter with water and stay cool for up to two hours. Playing with your little one in the sun can be stress and sweat free with this gadget. 

  1.  eTherm

The motivation for most of these products are based on babies inability to self regulate their body temperatures. In summer this can be especially scary for a new parent as it can be tricky to know if the perceived high temperature of the baby is due to the heat in the area, or if it is something you should worry about. With the eTherm you can get an accurate temperature reading instantly, giving you peace of mind in the hot months. 

These products will help you ensure that you and your baby are safe and healthy this summer so you can enjoy those bright smiles, laughter and make many fun memories this year with no worries!

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