Vital monitors created for a better life

advanced technology and smart design

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Vital monitors created
for a better life

advanced technology
and smart design

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From our family to yours

Few species on earth are more dedicated to and protective of their families than elephants. Each elephant herd is led by a Matriarch, her children and grandchildren. Elephants travel by walking in single file, ensuring that older animals protect their young. Just like elephants, Elepho provides protective products that deliver wellbeing for the entire family. While some products may be primarily aimed at children, or grandma and grandpa, they can all be used by people of any age.

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Elepho produces wellbeing products for the whole family. We are constantly developing new product.

Here is our newest product line.

eCheck Finger Pulse Oximeter


Ideal for sufferers of asthma, COPD and diabetes, of all ages, the Elepho eCheck pulse oximeter use advanced reflective pulse oximetry optical technology to measure your pulse and check how much oxygen can be found in your blood. Just place your finger in the device and turn it on. A large LCD display gives you precise results in just a few seconds. eCheck makes it simple for anyone to take a measurement day or night. Save time and money, by eliminating unnecessary trips to the doctor or clinic.

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eFloat Bathtub Thermometer


The new eFloat is a baby bath electronic thermometer that helps you carefully monitor water temperature for your loved ones – eFloat helps keep your baby safe and healthy especially when bathing.

Babies and infants often have low body immunity and can be susceptible to colds and flu at a young age. Their skin is very delicate and sensitive to water temperature when bathing and this can be difficult to monitor for parents or caregivers.

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eClip Baby Reminder For Your Car


Setting up eClip for daily use is extremely easy and only takes a few seconds.

Simply attach eClip to a car seat, regular seat belt or diaper bag. You can attach it to even more places with the accessory strap that is included in the box, ensuring the eClip stays securely attached until you take it off. The on/off switch is designed so a child cannot accidentally turn it off and there are no small parts that pose a choking hazard.

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eTherm Baby Forehead Thermometer


Taking a baby’s temperature has always been a challenge… until now. Just place the eTherm on the baby’s forehead for a few seconds. Baby’s temperature, heart rate and oxygen levels appear on an easy-to-read display.

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eMonitor Baby Heartbeat Monitor


Now you can relax and let your baby (newborn – 12 months) sleep while you watch TV, read a book or just relax in another room. The Elepho eMonitor includes a comfy ankle bracelet attached to your baby’s leg that monitors pulse rate of your baby. The eMonitor can also accurately measure oxygen levels as an advanced vital sign (in a later version). Using low energy Bluetooth transmission, the eMonitor sends an alert to your smartphone if there are any significant changes in your baby’s wellness levels.

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eSmart Bluetooth-enabled Oximeter


Great for anyone, from teens to busy moms and dads who work out, and for those who just want to know; the eSmart checks your overall wellness anywhere, anytime. This keyfob-sized Bluetooth oximeter measures pulse and oxygen and sends data to your Android or iOS smartphone. Our unique app tracks, stores and displays your levels. Just touch it for a few seconds and you get a precise reading.