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Elepho offers the best child and baby safety products, empowering parents to keep families safe. From baby car seat alarms, bath thermometers to infrared thermometers and finger pulse oximeters, Elepho delivers wellbeing for the entire family.

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Kate McCormack

Business and Marketing Consultant

"How fantastic is this new product? So simple and yet such a big impact. I’ve never left a little person in the car accidentally but I can absolutely see how it can happen, especially when sleep deprivation and constant ‘busyness’ is wreaking havoc on our lives. Imagine the peace of mind this could bring?"

Yael Eckstein

Mother of twin girls

"Wow! I simply love this new product – as a busy working mother of young twin girls this gives me peace of mind knowing that my precious ones are always safe when in the car."

Ariella Singer

Mother of 4-month baby boy

"As a young mother I’m always concerned how hot or cold it can be in our car – knowing the temperature in the back around the baby car seat will certainly make me feel better and allow us to adjust the settings so my baby will be comfortable. A great baby shower gift."