Car Seat Safety Checklist For Parents When Traveling With a Baby in a Car

Car Seat Safety Checklist  For Parents When Traveling With a Baby in a Car

Being a new parent can be exhausting especially for first time parents – the constant worrying, on-going stress and change of routine can be challenging for all of us. When travelling in a car with a baby this becomes particularly stressful since even the best of parents or caregivers can overlook a sleeping baby in the back of a car leading to potential tragic consequences.


Here is an 8 point, simple check list that you should follow without exception to help prevent a tragedy like Forgotten Baby Syndrome from occurring:


  1. Open the back door of your car every time you park to make sure that no one has been left behind.
  2. Put something in the back seat of your car to remind you to open the back door before you leave; this could be a handbag, employee badge, your house keys or any personal item you always carry with you.
  3. Place a stuffed animal in the front seat as a reminder that you are carrying a baby in the rear baby car seat.
  4. Call or text your spouse when you have dropped-off your child at daycare or at a caregiver.
  5. In the event your baby is not present at daycare or at a caregiver after a given time insist that you are called to say the baby has not arrived.
  6. Keep your vehicle locked at all times; in a garage or driveway or when you have parked outside to prevent the vehicle being used as a play area for adventurous children.
  7. Never leave keys accessible to your child especially remote control devices which easily open car doors.
  8. If your child goes missing always check your car including the trunk just in case they have made their way back in to the car.

And finally please remember forgetting a baby in the backseat of a car can happen to anyone - so please don’t think it can’t happen to you. As a general rule always look in the rear seats before you leave your car and always lock your car. This will help keep you baby safe and prevent a tragedy from happening.  


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