3 Must-Have Baby Products for New Parents

3 Must-Have Baby Products for New Parents

By Michael Braunold, CEO of Elepho

Being a new parent can be one of the most exciting, rewarding and yes, challenging periods, as you adjust to the grand entrance of your precious bundle. Particularly in the first few weeks, Moms are still healing and both parents may be experiencing a new level of exhaustion as they adjust to their baby's feeding schedule. The challenge may be further announced if you are a single parent.  The best piece of advice? Even if you are an independent spirit or simply dislike receiving help, if support by family or friends is available, accept it willingly.  Becoming a new parent, doesn't come with a guide book and no amount of research or training truly prepares anyone for the realities of 24/7 infant care, but there are a few must-have products that can help make the job less stressful:  

    1. A reminder that your baby is in the backseat. Most parents think they could never forget their child is in the backseat, but according to KidsandCars.org, the majority of child vehicular heatstroke deaths were accidental – parents genuinely did not remember their child was in the car and the results were tragic. For example, eClip is a device that hooks to the car seat or seatbelt in the backseat to remind parents if they walk more than 25 feet from the car without their baby.
    2. A bath thermometer. Controlled bath temperatures are important for infant health and safety. Without a bath thermometer, it is easy to mistakenly think the temperatures are fine and end up with a sick baby. Check out eFloat which is a fun and affordable way to monitor baby bath temps. 
    3. A thermometer for baby. It is important for parents to have a thermometer for their newborns which can be used either on the forehead or the ear canal. Find one that is easy to use as well as quick and accurate for immediate readings. It is best to find a device with infra-red (IR) technology for accurate and safe readings. Check out eTherm for a quick and easy temperature read


    About the author:

    Michael Braunold is CEO of Elepho, Inc, the company that created eClip. eClip is a device that attaches easily inside the car and connects to a cell phone via Bluetooth. It alerts parents if they walk more than 25 feet from their car without removing their child along with monitoring the temperature within the car. Additionally, Elepho has developed a device called eFloat to constantly monitor water temperature in a baby bath as well as eTherm to check baby temperatures.  

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