Ten Things Every Self-Employed Mom Needs

Elepho eClip Baby Reminder For Your Car

Back to work after a baby? One of the great perks of self-employment is that you don’t have check your baby in somewhere for strangers to raise while you pine away at work. Even so, don’t underestimate brain fog. You don’t get enough sleep. Your routine is new. The baby is new. It’s a real thing.  Hundreds of babies have died from accidentally being left in a car.

The Elepho eClip Baby Reminder clips to the car seat, monitors the temperature in the car, and alerts you if you walked away from your car with the baby in it.

My own babies are old enough to drive cars, so I asked a friend with a newborn to try the eClip for me.

Her take:

“I love the temperature reading and the app allows you to set a high and low temp. If it reaches your set temp, an alarm sounds. That’s my favorite part. But it did give me a few false alarms when she was right there in the back seat.” — Roxie Patrick

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