Show your family you love them with these 5 Valentine’s day tips

Show your family you love them with these 5 Valentine’s day tips

Love is in the air, your heart is bursting with joy and you’re glowing with the adoration of your family. Valentine’s day is a chance to express your love and appreciation for all the special people in your life. In the last year, more than ever, we have learned the importance of valuing and treasuring our families. We realize that during the pandemic it's not as easy to connect with loved ones, so here are a few ways to show your love and care while keeping everyone safe and healthy! 

  1. Send a card! Valentine’s day cards are a longstanding tradition, however during Covid it is not always simple to give cards to your loved one’s. Hand written notes, words of love and appreciation and the thought that goes into a card shows your family how much you care and will without a doubt bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones. This year you can send your cards via mail or use one of many electronic card services. Try out Hallmark and dgreetings 
  2. Buy gifts! Chocolates and flowers are always a treasured gift, but maybe this year you can show you care with a useful wellness gift like the eCheck or eTherm. The eCheck helps you monitor your blood pressure and blood oxygen level. The eTherm provides instantaneous and accurate temperature readings. These wellness gifts can help you make sure your loved one’s are healthy.
  3. Quality time! This Valentine’s day might look different to other years, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be special! Have a picnic in your yard, play board games, watch a movie together or set up a video call with friends and family. In the Zoom call everyone can take turns sharing what they love about the other people in the call or sharing what they are grateful for. 
  4. Teaching moment! This year the job of a parent has become so much more complex with needing to balance parenting, work and homeschooling during the pandemic. Perhaps try to find out what love means to your children and use those ideas in creating a card to send to loved ones or on board to showcase in your home.
  5. Fun activity! Entertain the whole family with baking heart shaped cookies and decorating them together. This is a fail safe way to have fun and have something delicious to eat at the end. Another fun activity is pottery painting where you can paint a heart shaped mug or plate. 

Covid-19 has definitely presented new challenges and we hope we can help make your life easier with our products. This Valentine’s Day 2021 will give you the opportunity to make new memories for your family filled with love and laughter. We at Elepho care about your family being safe, healthy and happy. We hope your eCheck Finger Pulse Oximeter will register off the charts with love and joy! 

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