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Smart Safety: Reminders about Infant Safety

By Michael Braunold, CEO of Elepho, creator of eClip

Being a new mom can be one of the most challenging periods of time – no training can prepare you for the realities of caring for an infant 24/7. Baby health and safety is top priority, but exhaustion and sleep deprivation can quickly lead to forgetfulness - even for the most organized and conscientious mother. 

Among the many things to remember as you settle into your new role as mom, here are a few key reminders when it comes to keeping your precious baby safe.

  • Household pets. Pets are wonderful companions, but when a baby comes along the dynamics change in the household and pets can sense it. Furry friends’ attitudes and demeanor may temporarily change as they sense mood changes in their humans. Be prepared for changes in your pet and keep an eye on them to make sure the environment continues to be safe for the new addition to the family.

  • Baby bath. Bath time is fun, but also can be inherently dangerous. Never leave baby unattended, even for a second in the bath. Also ensure water maintains an appropriate temperature for the gentle delicate skin of a new baby. Hot bath water can hurt baby and if water becomes too cool, it can be especially dangerous during cold season. Also, make sure all bath toys are manufactured to child consumer safety standards – especially if they are battery operated.

  • Environmental temps. It is important to maintain the correct temperature at home and when out and about. This is particularly important in the car when the temperature can be much higher than outside. Even with the A/C or heat blowing in front, the back seat temperature can differ dramatically. Take extra care to make sure your baby is comfortable in the car at all times, especially during the first few months after baby is born.

There are so many things for new moms to remember, it can be incredibly overwhelming. Keeping some of these simple things in mind can help put them at ease as they adjust to a new life focused on caring for their little one. 

About the author:

Michael Braunold is CEO of Elepho, Inc, the company that created eClip. eClip is a device that attaches easily inside the car and connects to a cell phone via Bluetooth. It alerts parents if they walk more than 25 feet from their car without removing their child along with monitoring the temperature within the car. Additionally Elepho has developed a device called eFloat to constantly monitor water temperature in a baby bath.

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