How leaving your child in a car on a cloudy day when it’s just 68°F (20°C) outside can cause hyperthermia in 30 minutes - while 90 minutes could be fatal

Leaving your child in a hot car could be life threatening and cause hallucinations and hyperthermia after just 30 minutes, while 90 minutes could prove fatal.

Polish company, Omni Calculator, have devised a hot air calculator, which shows just how hot the interior of a car can become and also how how quickly a child's body temperature can rise.

During the summer, even though hot days are rare in the UK, leaving a child in a stuffy car can lead to their body temperature rising dramatically. 

Their calculations also show that at just 20°C outside, with cloud coverage, but the windows closed, it can cause your child to suffer from hyperthermia or heat stroke after just thirty minutes.

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