eClip FAQ

How do I turn on my eClip?.

To switch on ( or off the eClip ) press and hold down the round on/off button for 3 seconds until the red LED light flashes quickly 3 times.

Does the eClip app get turned on by the eClip?

No; you must turn on the eClip app via your Smartphone in the same way as any other app by pressing the eClip icon app on your screen.
It is recommended to have the app running before you pair with the eClip device.

How do I download the eClip app?

You can download the eClip app from the Apple or Android Play stores.

Do I need to turn off the eClip when I leave the car with my baby?

No, the eClip will automatically turn-off approx 3 minutes after no communication is detected with the app. e.g. when the app has been turned off.

Can I leave the eClip on the car all the time?

Yes you can but depending on the weather and outside temperature the eClip may get hot and take a few minutes to cool down after you start your journey – this will not affect the alert to remind you to remove the baby from the car after your journey.

How often do I need to replace the eClip battery and which type do I need?

Use a standard ‘2032’ quality button battery (Panasonic or equivalent). eClip battery should be able to operate for about 500 hours of use; suggested time between each change is 6-months.

I don't have a smartphone but want to use the eClip, is that possible?

You currently need to use the dedicated app that runs on a Smartphone to operate the eClip device.

I can't get the eClip to communicate with the app, what should I do?

Make sure that both Bluetooth and GPS on your Smartphone are turned on – these are required to operate the eClip; turn these features on and try to connect again with the eClip. The LED on the eClip will flash about every 1 second indicating the eClip and app are successfully paired.

My bluetooth function is working with other devices but does not recognize the eClip device?

eClip requires Bluetooth ver 4.1 or later so please make sure your Smartphone has this capability – most newer Smartphones support this Bluetooth protocol.

I accidentally dropped the eClip into the baby's milk bottle and it doesn't work anymore, what can I do?

The eClip is not waterproof but you can try and dry the unit out and then try again – most probably the unit has been damaged beyond use – sorry!

eFloat FAQ

How do I turn on the eFloat?

Shake product several times. The product turns on automatically when movement is sensed. Measurement mode is displayed on the LCD screen after 1 second.

How often does the temperature reading update?

In measurement mode, the temperature is measured once every five seconds and is displayed on the screen.

What happens if the units does not turn on after I shake it?

If the power doesn’t turn on the battery may be low. Simply replace the battery

How come the unit turns off automatically?

The eFloat automatically switches to power-saving mode and the LCD display is blank if no movement is sensed after 30 minutes (auto-off function).

How do I change the battery?

The battery cover is located at the bottom of central unit. Use a coin to twist off the cover in the direction indicated by the unlock icon. Remove the old battery and insert a new one ensuring correct polarity (+/-).

Where can I purchase a new battery?

Battery is standard button type CR2032 which are available at any electronic or convenience store or you may purchase directly on our website here.

How do I know if the bath water is too cold

When the temperature measurement is below 89.6°F (32.0°C), LCD displays COLD, indicating that water temperature is too low.

How do I know if the bath water is too hot?

When the temperature measurement exceeds 102.2°F (39.0 °C), LCD displays HOT, indicating that water temperature is too high. When the water is too hot, both the HOT and the red LED light flashes.

How do I clean my eFloat?

It is recommended to dry the eFloat following each use. Do not store the product in a dark, moist area. Use only rubbing alcohol or soap and lukewarm water to clean the product.

eTherm FAQ

How do I take a reading from the forehead?

Position the thermometer probe at the center of the forehead with light skin contact. To take a temperature measurement lightly press AND THEN RELEASE the Measure Button. The eTherm beeps when the measurement is completed.

How do I take a reading from the ear canal?

Remove the thermometer cap and place the thermometer probe gently into the ear canal with minimum pressure to ensure that it sits firmly and feels comfortable. To take a temperature measurement lightly press the Measure Button. The eTherm beeps when the measurement is completed.


How do I change from F to C measuring units?

When the device is TURNED OFF, hold the measurement button for 10 seconds until the F sign appears – press the button again for 10 seconds and it will change back to measuring units to C.

How do I clean the probe after it’s been used in the ear canal?

Wipe the surface of the thermometer probe gently with 75% isopropyl alcohol using cotton bud or an equivalent soft cloth.

How do I clean the device?

Use a dry soft cloth to clean the screen (display) and thermometer casing – the device is NOT waterproof. DO NOT immerse it in water or use detergents or cleansing liquids. Any water damage will void the product warranty.

How do I turn the device off?

There is no need to manually turn the device off – the automatic power-off feature will turn-off your eFloat if the device has not been in use for 8 seconds.

What size batteries does the device use?

eTherm operates using 2 standard AAA batteries. Position the two batteries in the battery housing taking care to insert them according to the polarity symbols engraved in the plastic casing.

What is the battery life?

Approximately 1,000 readings although it is recommended to replace the batteries at least once every 2-years.

What is the accuracy of the device?

In the measuring range 95F to 107F (35C to 42C) the accuracy of the device is +/-0.4F (+/-0.2C).

What happens if I don’t use the device for a long period of time?

It is recommended to remove the batteries from the battery compartment if the thermometer is not to be used for more than three months.

eCheck FAQ

Which finger should be used to obtain the best results?

Use any finger that easily fits into the thimble but do not force the finger into the thimble. Finger should be dry at time of placement in soft thimble and reading measurements. Please click here for our full instruction guide.

After I start the unit, only dashes appear?

This is normal while the unit is calculating the measurements. This can take up to 10 seconds if the hands are cold or poor circulation at finger ends. If persists try another finger.

What happens if the user has small fingers?

If the user has very small fingers (e.g. children), try using the thumb.

How do I know which way to put my finger on the unit?

Finger nail direction needs to match symbol on soft silicon finger boot; the display should be facing you so it’s easy to read. By pushing the front button for 2 seconds the display is reversed.

What if I can't get a good reading?

Try another finger and please make sure not to force your finger hard into the silicon finger boot. Gently place finger in boot for maximum comfort and to obtain faster reading.

Where can I purchase a new battery?

Battery is standard 3.6V ½ AA size batteries which are available in many electronics stores or on-line or via our website here.

What is the normal measurement range for each display?   

Please refer to the full user guide here.

How do I clean my unit?

Use a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol solution (70%) to clean the inside of the finger sleeve or the outside of the unit. Don’t use any other liquid or sprays on the unit for cleaning purposes.

The unit dropped into the water.

Turn off unit immediately and remove the battery since the unit is not waterproof. Most likely, the unit is damaged and beyond repair. However, you may try to dry out the unit.

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