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eClip Baby Reminder - Car Seat Alarm - ShopElepho
eClip Baby Reminder - Car Seat Alarm - ShopElepho eClip Baby Reminder - Car Seat Alarm - ShopElepho eClip Baby Reminder - Car Seat Alarm - ShopElepho eClip Baby Reminder - Car Seat Alarm - ShopElepho eClip Baby Reminder - Car Seat Alarm - ShopElepho
The #1 Car Seat Alarm
This simple device clips to your babies car seat, monitors the temperature & reminds you if you happen to walk away without your baby. 
  • EASY TO USE BABY REMINDER – continually reminds you that your baby or young child is in the car; helps prevent you accidentally forgetting baby in hot car.
  • MONITORS CAR TEMPERATURE – enables you to know when to adjust the air in back of car so your baby is comfortable within your set temperature limits.
  • AUTOMATICALLY SENDS ALARMS – in the event you leave your car without your baby the alarm on Smartphone App will be activated within short distance of car.
  • CONTROLLED VIA SMARTPHONE – easy-to-use Apple or Android App that constantly monitors baby is with you in the car and when you exit the car.
  • SAFE TO USE WITH BABIES - uses safe, low energy Bluetooth transmission to communicate with App and there are no small parts that pose a choking hazard.

Simply attach eClip to a car seat, regular seat belt or diaper bag. 

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Customer Reviews

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I have not yet received the product.

Hi Sandra - we checked and your ordered product arrived at your local post office 12/07 and will be delivered by end of day 12/09. Hope this info helps - The Elepho Team.

About time someone came up with something to prevent our children from being left in a car unattended.

Please do this instead

You can blab on about FBS all you want, most infant car deaths happen because the parents don't give a shit....Instead of making the device to be used only for an app by the parent, how about making the device with an alarm so loud, that if a child is accidentally left in the car, then others can be alerted and that child can be saved. Then maybe, the baby that just died here in Athens, AL could have been found and saved since his mother was a bad drug addict that just left him in the car. But then again, unless you plan on having your device be of any use, then you should work with car seat manufacturers to have these already installed on car seats, because parents who do not care about their children clearly will not waste the money buying this product.

You need to remember to start the app every trip??!

Am I missing something? How on earth do you expect parents to remember to open the app every time they get in the car if you can't expect them to remember their actual child in the car? This system is built to fail for that reason alone. Busy parents on autopilot are the ones who forget their children. You expect those same parents to also remember to start an app every time they get into the car? My biggest issue is this ins't made explicitly clear before purchasing the product. I applaud the effort for an important issue, but the execution is just not going to be effective. I'll be researching your return policy.


Neat safety item